Special Session P-6
Biomimetic Morphing of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Programme Chair:
Daniel J. INMAN, The University of Michigan, USA
Doug ALTSHULER, University of British Columbia, Canada
Richard BOMPHREY, Royal Veterinary College, UK
Agus BUDIYONO, Konkuk University, South Korea
Martin EGELHAAF, Bielefeld University, Germany
Paolo GAUDENZI, University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy
Darren HARTL, Texas A&M University, USA
Jayanth N. KUDVA, NextGen Aeronautics, USA
David LENTINK, Stanford University, USA
Hao LIU, Chiba University, Japan
Robert C. MICHELSON, Georgia Tech Research Institute, USA
Hans Peter MONNER, DLR German Aerospace Center, Germany
Gregory W. REICH, Air Force Research Laboratory, USA
Davide SCARAMUZZA, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Shigeru SUNADA, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan
Graham TAYLOR, University of Oxford, UK
Stephane VIOLLET, Aix-Marseille University, France
Fu-Kuo CHANG, Stanford University, USA
Ben DICKINSON, Air Force Research Laboratory, USA
Mirko KOVAC, Imperial College London, UK
Jayanth N. KUDVA, NextGen Aeronautics, USA
Dimitris SARAVANOS, University of Patras, Greece
Hiroshi TOKUTAKE, Kanazawa University, Japan
Joint Session between Symposium O “Mining Smartness from Nature: From Bio-inspired Materials to Bionic Systems” and Symposium P “Embodying Intelligence in Structures and Integrated Systems”

Research on Unmanned Air Vehicles  (UAVs) is gaining increasing strategic importance driven by civil, commercial, research, security and military purposes. Progress achieved in morphing UAVs may also be an ideal platform for novel approaches to increase the capabilities of manned aircraft. Biomimetic design of morphing UAVs is aimed at addressing novel concepts of active materials and biomimetic multifunctional structures, fluid dynamics and neuroscience based control capable of autonomously and adaptively change aircraft shape to optimal configurations for maneuvering purposes in a variety of flying conditions by taking inspiration and exploiting the flapping flight of insects and birds.

Focus of this Special Session is to collect state of the art contributions to the following and related topics:

-  Avian Inspired Multifunctional Morphing Air Vehicles
-  Bio-inspired locomotion control
-  Biomechanics of bird and insect flight
-  Distributed sensing and actuation
-  New smart, adaptive materials and biomimetic/bionspired multifunctional structures for airframe morphing
-  Bioinspired sensor and actuators; structurally integrated distributed actuation and sensing systems
-  Self-Adaptive Neuromorphic Circuits
-  Micro sensors and actuators for insect-size robots
-  Assessing power efficiency and actuation performance in field testing
-  Numerical simulations; video demonstrations


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